Whale watching with Spöki

From March to the end of May we can watch humpback whales in and around the Chaves Bay. They make the long trip from Norway / Iceland to give birth in our warm waters and for mating. For us the perfect time to watch the giants of the sea. An experience that you will never forget.

Whale watching process

You will be picked up directly by our drivers at the holiday hotel / accommodation and brought to the port in Sal Rei (depending on the accommodation, 15-30min transfer time). We are waiting for you directly at the port and welcome you.
From there we take a small diggy over to Spöki, we have to wear a safety vest that we can take off on "Spöki". 
On board, please take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable, we start with the briefing. You will learn everything you need to know and even more about the humpback whales of their trip to Cape Verde.
The journey starts! 
Hugo our captain, takes off the lines. 
As soon as we are out of the port, we need your open eyes. 
Mostly we orient ourselves on the fountains that the humpback whales release when they exhale (these can protrude up to 3 meters from the sea). At best, we'll see them jumping. in any case we need all eyes open =)
Whale in sight! 
Now it is time to proceed carefully. We don't want to "hunt" the whales under any circumstances, so we approach carefully. 
Usually the whales come closer of curiosity to take a look at "Spöki". As soon as you see the first whale appear near the boat, you will 
overwhelmed by emotions
On the way back to the harbor we let the experience sag and review. A day full of emotions that you will remember forever! 
After about 3 hours at sea we will return to the port, where your transfer is waiting to take you back to your accommodation.

Prepare yourself optimally for whale watching

Go to bed early in the evening before and come to Whalewatch, rested and take a breakfast in the morning!
Take a windbreaker or a sweater for the tour. I also recommend a scarf for the head because the months of March, April and May are windy. 
Take enough clothes with you so your don't freeze!
Have water with you and maybe a snack!
If you are uncertain about seasickness, take one tablet before picking up. Mostly take effect after 30 minutes! So prevent!
Don't forget your sunscreen!
The sun shines even stronger through the reflection from the sea!
Please note that it could sometimes splash, devices as cameras and cell phones could get wet. So protect your sensitive equipment during the whole tour!

What you need to know

Please remember that the whale watch is a natural spectacle and therefore we cannot give a 100% guarantee that we will see whales on that day. 
However, the chances increase thanks to our professional crew and many years of experience at sea.
In addition, the well-being of animals and nature is our top priority, that's what Abel-Tours stands for with the name. 
Always respect the whales and other marine life.
Space for whale watching with "Spöki" is limited as we drive in small groups of a maximum of 8 people. 
Therefore we recommend booking the tours in advance and securing your places.


Adults 60 Euros per person from RIU Touareg + 10 Euros transfer
Kids up to 12 years 40 Euros from RIU Touareg + 10 Euros transfer