Whale Watching March-May

Get aboard Gelidonya for an experience of a lifetime! Admire the humpback whales and their calves in their natural habitat along the West Coast of Boa Vista. Be amazed by their impressive acrobatic skills and their wonderful melodic songs. A team of biologists leads the observations and explains everything there is to know about these majestic creatures. Our international crew offers the best services with an extensive all-inclusive package and waiter service aboard the most luxurious and comfortable boat of Cape Verde. Ready for your dream trip? Book your whale-watching trip today!

Why whale watching with us?

Go whale watching with all comfort. You can chose to have a seat on one of our deluxe sunbeds in the front or one of the sofas at the covered area.

Go whale watching in style. We are honoured that you have chosen Salina Sails for this experience of a lifetime. That is why we would like to treat every single passenger as a VIP aboard with Gelidonya’s luxurious facilities and services. Your job is to enjoy this unique moment, our excellent crew will take care of the rest!

Go whale watching with all-inclusive. Enjoy our extended all-inclusive formula during your whale-watching trip. The formula includes a welcome drink, beer, soft drinks, water and delicious homemade finger foods.

Go whale watching with professionals. During the whale-watching season, a team of professional biologists and guides join our international crew. Top knowledge and great explanations guaranteed!

Go whale watching in your language. Our international crew speaks your language! Our team speaks the following languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Go whale watching in 3D. A whale-watching trip is a pleasure for all senses. Admire the acrobatic skills of the whales, feel the sea breeze, smell the fresh air and … hear the wonderful sounds of the ocean and its creatures. Aboard Gelidonya we use a hydrophone to register and listen live to the amazing songs of the whales.

Go whale watching in a safe and a sustainable way. The wellbeing of our guests and the whales remain priority at all times. Our tours are health and safety approved. In addition, our tours respect all the regulations that support the wellbeing of the whales and other wildlife.

Go whale watching at the best price. Your dream trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With Salina Sails you can enjoy this experience at the lowest rates. Great value for money guaranteed!

69 Euros per person
 Children up to 12 years 35 Euros