Shipwreck Adventure
Here you see the manual work first hand and have the opportunity to buy authentic souvenirs and keep sakes.
Desert Viana
Next, we take you to the beautiful Viana dessert for some fun in the dunes. Enjoy this amazing adventure!
Shipwreck Capo Santa Maria
This is one of our favorite spots on Boa Vista, learn more about the history from the Shipwreck and e
Sal Rei
We end the tour in the capital of Boa Vista, where we do a city tour on foot, showing you the busier side of local life here on Boa Vista and letting you explore a little. Here you will have the opportunity to meet some locals, buy locally sourced fruit and vegetables and find handmade gifts and souvenirs.

33€ per person / Children 0-4 years free
15€ for children 5-11 years